'Veep' Exclusive: All The Hilarious Deleted Jonah Scenes From 'Veep' Season 2

We love Veep around here for all the reasons you should love one of the best comedies on television that also happens to be on HBO and can be as spectacularly vulgar as it wants. And if you were to Family Feud-style survey every Veep fan about their favorite part of the show there’s no way “Jonah Bashing” wouldn’t qualify as a top three answer.

Our friend Timothy Simons portrays the most likable dis-likable character on television so we’re delighted that HBO and Veep have given us this exclusive first look at all the deleted Jonah scenes that are part of the bonus features of the Veep Season 2 DVD that releases Tuesday, March 25th.

Quit being so sensitive and get to watching right now. Because everything about the Jonah Ryan-Ed Webster (Zach Woods) scene at the end. Veep Season 3 premieres Sunday, April 6th.