Veterans With PTSD Discuss The Anxiety-Easing Benefits Of Marijuana While Smoking Weed

This week, chill voters in California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, joining Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. That’s on top of the 28 states, including Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota, where medical marijuana is legal. Slowly but surely, the United States is coming around to seeing weed as medicine, not a drug. As our David Pemberton wrote, “If I’m honest, I used marijuana as a drug because it was always presented as a drug. [Since] signing up for my med card, I’ve found that it can be a positive part of my daily life.”

Legalized pot brings in millions of dollars of revenue; sends students to college; stops bullying; assists the homeless; and creates jobs. It can also, as anyone who’s watched You’re the Worst this season knows, help United States veterans who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

Cut Video — the same team behind “Grandmas Smoking Pot for The First Time” — brought together three vets to learn how marijuana can treat their PTSD, which one of them calls a “f*cking thorn in my side.” After taking a rip from a bong, they describe their mood as being “happy” and “relaxed.” Later, after munching on pizza and playing Never Have I Ever, the vets admit that marijuana could help them with their PTSD. “I feel safe, which is great.”

For more information, check out Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access.