VGX Trailer Roundup: ‘Thief’, ‘Titanfall’, ‘Witcher 3’, ‘Tomb Raider’ And Lots Of Awkwardness

So, the Spike VGX awards aired on Saturday and they were, well, they were awkward. The show’s usually very funny co-host Joel McHale did noooot want to be there and the show was littered with terrible jokes and uncomfortable conversations. But hey, on the other hand it did deliver a big pile of rad new video game trailers! We posted a few of those over the weekend, but here’s the rest without all the awkward stuff in between…


Looks cool, although this game seems to look a different every time they release a new trailer. Hmmmm.


Titanfall unveiled two new types of mechs at the shows. First, the Ogre…

Next, the speedier Stryder…

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

A new, extra-pretty next-gen version of Tomb Raider is on the way…

Stealth? Exploration? A vulnerable Lara? Nope, nothing but leaping from fireballs and shotgunning dudes in the head! Square-Enix reportedly didn’t make their money back on the original version of this game, so apparently they’re tossing subtlety aside in their second attempt to sell it.

The Witcher 3

Looking good. One of the few “next gen” games (along with Capcom’s Deep Down) that actually look next gen.

No Man’s Sky

Finally, we have an entirely new game — No Man’s Sky. This game is basically promising an entire procedurally generated universe. Is it promising too much? Is this another Spore situation? Yeah, probably, but the trailer is cool.

Did I say I was going to let you skip all the show’s awkwardness? I take that back. Here’s a supercut of the show’s many, many terrible moments.

Can we use this video as evidence to get the Video Game Awards taken away from Spike? What we just saw has to constitute some sort of abuse of uh, awards shows? Video games? Joel McHale’s will to live?

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