Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Drops Another Savage F-Bomb On Live TV, And People Are Digging It

Much of yesterday’s Trump news revolved around the newly released transcripts of his combative calls with the leaders of Australia and Mexico. In the latter instance, Trump slammed New Hampshire as a “drug-infested den” while continuing to push Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto into funding the U.S. border wall. In turn, this left the door wide open for former President Vicente Fox to follow up on cable news while repeating his go-to line from the past 18 months: “We will never pay for that f*cking wall!”

On Friday, Fox gleefully spouted his most infamous bit of wisdom to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, who didn’t appear surprised in the slightest, but her facial expression nonetheless revealed amusement (while later expressing slight regret at not taking advantage of a 5-second delay). This is a stark change from the days of hosts nearly falling out of chairs while Fox dropped F-bombs against Trump. Everyone’s now used to Fox’s strategically aimed potty mouth and his refusal to be friendly to a foreign leader who’s displayed contempt for Mexico since day one of his campaign.

Still, this routine doesn’t get old. People love Fox’s refusal to downplay his contempt, so his most recent F-bomb on a “white board” (from about a month ago) is now being resurrected on social media.

Especially on a slow Friday morning, it’s always funny when Fox does this, so the reactions are pouring forth like … tumbling bricks from a rickety wall (sorry, I’ll stop now).