Victoria’s Secret And Walmart Have Reportedly Been Selling Customers Used Underwear

Fellas, did you find something special for your lady this Christmas? Perhaps some intimate apparel from a large lingerie chain? Well, if you did, you might wanna think twice about gifting it.

According to a story from the Today show, major retailers like Victoria’s Secret and Walmart have been reselling used underwear.

However, Victoria’s Secret was different. A sales clerk took the returned underwear and “tossed” the two pairs behind her. According to Rossen, shortly after the transaction, the underwear was found back on display on a table for resale.

At Wal-Mart, Today says a pair of “used” underwear was returned by one of Rossen’s producers. Not long after, footage captured an employee stapling new tags on the pair. Another worker questioned the nature of the return, and asked, “You think they wore that?” But the same pair of underwear was found for sale the next day.

Ok, ok, but maybe they’re washing it first. Maybe it’s being thoroughly cleansed before going back on the shelf.


The team also bought a set of underwear and a swimsuit from Marshalls. They took off all the tags and removed the protective liner from the bathing suit. Upon returning the merchandise, the saleswoman immediately put on new tags.

Yeah, nevermind. That’s just raunchy. The stores have since responded to the sanitary faux pas.

From Victoria’s Secret:

“Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction and safety. The actions you describe are a clear and significant violation of our policy. We take this situation very seriously and are taking immediate action to re-educate all of our associates on the proper way to handle returns.”

From Wal-Mart:

“We have a clear and consistent policy regarding these items that has been repeatedly reinforced, but clearly there was a violation of our policy and a major mistake was made. This situation is absolutely unacceptable and if our customers have any concern about undergarments or any other product purchased from Walmart, they should come see us for a refund.”

From Marshalls:

“At Marshalls, we take customer concerns very seriously and appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention. As a general rule, merchandise that appears to be used or worn will not be accepted for return. More specifically, our internal procedures for swimwear and intimate apparel state that tickets should be properly attached to the merchandise when returned. We are disappointed to learn that our procedures were not appropriately followed in this instance and are in the process of reinforcing our guidelines with our stores. Thank you for reaching out to us.”

Pro-tip: If you’re buying underpants, smell them first.
Pro-TIP II: Always, always, always wash before wearing.
Pro-tip III: Keep your underwear on if you’re trying on a bathing suit. Otherwise you’re just an asshole.

Thank you.