Video: A Female Astronaut Teaches Us How To Wash Our Hair In Outer Space

While the majority of questions about how certain things are done in outer space typically involve pooping, having sex or drinking alcohol – okay, maybe those are just my questions – astronaut Karen Nyberg is looking to fill us in on the more practical daily activities that need to be managed while orbiting the Earth. In the latest video for the educational “Inside the ISS (International Space Station)” YouTube channel, the Expedition 36 Crew Member showed us how she manages to wash her long her while floating around in zero gravity.

I’m curious as to why she’d want to even have long hair in space, and not because, as one YouTube commenter pointed out, she could conserve the space station’s water supply by having shorter hair, but because if a hole suddenly opens up in the hull, an astronaut with long hair could be sucked into the hole like the alien hybrid at the end of Alien Resurrection, and that looked like a seriously painful way to go.

Just something for any future astronauts out there to consider.