Video: A Man In Turkey Locks His Head In A Cage To Quit Smoking

Ibrahim Yucel claims that he has been smoking approximately two packs of cigarettes per day for the last 20 years, which I’m told by people with really raspy voices is a lot of cigarettes. However, the 42-year old husband and father of three also recently stated in the above video that he tries to quit every year on his birthday, but it never works.

Yucel made a promise to his father, though, that he would quit, and because his father eventually passed away from lung cancer after years of smoking, he decided it was time to take incredibly drastic measures and lock a cage around his head. Seriously.

“My father developed lung cancer and died because of smoking. Repeatedly been attempting to quit smoking. They all failed. Unfortunately I could not have my will. I had captivated me. Now it will not go on like this, I realized my self-confidence, and in whatever way that smoking .I thought I should leave. temptations to imprison one night thinking, I decided it was time to hinder my will. motorcycle helmets inspired cage made of wire. ”

“I’ll be home for that report. 2 days wire head wear, and do not smoke. Going to start work next week. Workplace thinking of going to jail is like that. Now when I go out of the house and lock the cage, the second one of the keys to unlock my wife, my daughter and the other promise. Thus, even if I wanted You can not cage can not drink and cigarettes. before every birthday, kids birthday, but every time I tried to quit smoking I could not have my will. Hopefully, this will leave the cage due to smoking.”

Okay, I didn’t really understand any of that very poor translation from the YouTube page either, but the point is that Yucel looked at motorcycle helmets as sort of an inspiration and picked up a ton of copper wire to build himself a cage that he locks around his own head, as if he’s a character in a horror film. His wife and daughter hold on to the keys, and the only thing he can do through the wires is drink and eat crackers.

If anything, this is something for me to consider the next time I brag about quitting cold turkey.

(H/T to the HuffPo)