Play 'Will It Crush' With Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Tank – For Charity!

As evidenced by him crushing cars with a tank and ripping the doors off a smart car, we know that one thing that Arnold Schwarzenegger loves above all others is smashing up inanimate objects that he deems too girly. Now, it seems, Arnold has gotten hold of a tank full time, and he’s using his powers of smashing shit for good. He’s offering donors to the chance to pledge $10 to see what kind of girly stuff Arnold can smash with his tank.

“After hard work, laboring and slaving away, I finally have achieved my life-long dream,” he tells us. “It is not the new ‘Terminator’ or the new ‘Conan: The Barbarian’ or anything like that,” he says, “but to finally possess my own f*cking tank!” [via DeathnTaxes]

That’s right, Arnold says the F-word. I blame Pope Francis, he’s really setting a bad example.

Things Arnold crushes with a tank:

  • A taxi cab.
  • A piano.
  • A giant roll of bubble wrap.

And many other things.

Arnold has always struck me as one of those people who’s mentally ill in just the right way that it makes them totally awesome. All I want to know is, how much do I have to pay to watch him crush some mulatto ass? (His words…)