Ashton Kutcher Offered Some Pretty Sound Advice At The Teen Choice Awards

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08.12.13 19 Comments

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Ashton Kutcher was the big winner of the Ultimate Choice Award at last night’s Teen Choice Awards, or as he described it – “the old people award.” After all, 35-years old is basically death’s doorstep in the eyes of teens, or so I remember it being that way all those years ago when I was playing with my pogs and checking in with my parents through my beeper and pay phone.

In his acceptance speech, the star of the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic Jobs admitted that his first name is Chris, which anyone could have known with a simple check of the ol’ Wikipedia, but the screaming teens who listened to his speech beyond that may have heard some very inspirational words, as the star of Dude, Where’s My Car? and What Happens in Vegas has really taken his studies of Jobs to heart.

It almost makes us forget about that whole trucker hat fad. Almost.

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