This Viral Video Of A Black Man Schooling A Racist White Woman Is Intense

News Editor

Sometimes you see a video going viral and think, “What a world we live in.” This clip — captured by rapper, actor, and activist Moise Morancy — is making the rounds. Morancy originally uploaded the footage, which shows an exchange between himself and a rude white woman, to his Facebook page. Over the course of five minutes, the woman is seen spewing racially-charged insults at Morancy on a bus. She accuses him of “playing the race card” and says, “F*ck you, ugly black man!” Those remarks are followed by classics such as “I have nice hair. At least I have hair to fix” and “He’s inferior because he’s black.”

Morancy stayed relatively calm in the face of such hatred. He pointed out to the woman that she felt “uncomfortable because young black people are speaking up for ourselves.” Morancy tells the woman that she’s going to be splashed all over the Internet, but she continues her tirade, so he keeps filming. He explained what went down in his video’s caption:

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