Our Favorite Meme Of 2017 Has Inspired A Hilarious ‘Video Bomb’ Blooper Reel

It was just your average, run of the mill Friday when she came elbowing furiously into our lives: the toddler-aged daughter of an American Political Science professor living in South Korea, broadcast live on the BBC to discuss the ramifications of the country’s leader being ousted. Followed soon thereafter by her baby sister or brother toddling along in a walker — and finally, by their horrified mother who dragged them both out of the room in spectacularly dramatic fashion — poor Robert E. Kelly’s moment in the spotlight was completely overshadowed by his children, who quickly went on to become the biggest meme of 2017.

Such was the inspiration for this blooper reel from News Be Funny, which has complied a whopping 20 minutes of footage of video bombs, and Kelly and his unwitting family are just the jumping off point. They’ve got sports video bombs, tastefully edited nude video bombs, crotch shot video bombs, accidental video bombs, sexually suggestive video bombs, drunk video bombs, even more sports video bombs (which are not always mutually exclusive from “drunk video bombs”), and even a dang Hugh Jackman video bomb.

In a nutshell, as long as we have live television and the unpredictability of human nature, video bombs will continue to be a staple of modern comedy.