This Car Dealership Is Under Fire After Harassing A Pizza Delivery Man Out Of His Tip On Video

A Westport, Massachusetts car dealership is in some serious sh*t over a video that surfaced of employees hassling a pizza delivery man, Jarrid Tansey, out of his tip. According to, Tansey had delivered food to the employees at F&R Auto Sales last Saturday for an order totaling just over $42. He was given $50 in two twenties and two fives, and being that he was given an entire extra superfluous $5 bill one might assume that the extra money was a tip, which would also have amounted to about 18% of the bill. Even so, Tansey still asked whether or not they needed change which was supposedly declined.

However when Tansey arrived back at the Palace Pizza that he works at, his manager informed him that the F&R Auto Sales called and demanded that he return and give back the $7 and change, which led to the altercation in the video:

“It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway,” Tansey says in the video. “I’m not mad, I just had to waste my resources coming back here.”

But the office-workers are adamant about their position in the video. “So listen: The manager apologized once for you. Do you want him to apologize again for you?” the worker in blue says.

“Out the door before I put my foot in your ass,” a female office-worker in green says. “Get the f—ing owner and the manager on the phone, I want that mother-f—er done,” another man in the office says after Tansey leaves. “I want him fired.”

Uhh yeah. They did call back and get a manager on the phone, Adam Willoughby, who ascertained the situation and realized that his driver was not the one at fault — also partially because amazingly this was not the first time Palace Pizza has had issues with F&R Auto Sales.

Since the video hit the internet, the F&R Auto Sales Yelp and Google pages are getting bombed with negative reviews and even a spoof Facebook page called “F&R Auto Sales Douchebags” has been created in their honor. But the thing I find the most incredible here is that this footage was clearly taken by a security camera at the dealership and released by their own volition.

The original YouTube video titled “irate pizza driver” has since been made private, but of course it’s since been mirrored all over the internet. So not only did these clowns think they were justified at belittling a delivery man and ripping off his tip, but they thought they were justified to the extent that others would agree with them. The dealership owner and his son have since stopped by and apologized to Palace Pizza in person, but I think it’s safe to assume their business is probably toast at this point. Moral of the story, be nice to your pizza delivery man. Or just being a decent f*cking human being in general.