Watch This Hungry Fox In Chernobyl Make A Monster Sandwich

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This video has gone viral in the past few days, but it doesn’t dampen the impact of it at all. It shows a fox in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone coming upon some photographers and journalists from Radio Free Europe and earning a tasty meal for its appearance. The kicker is how the little fox decides to carry and possibly eat the feast according to Radio Free Europe:

The fox shows no fear of humans, stacking up meat and bread like a sandwich, which it carries off for later. The area was abandoned by humans after the Chornobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. There now appears to be an increasing number of foxes, wolves, and bears in the zone.

The cameras didn’t capture what happened next, but I assume the fox started to talk to the journalists until they were overrun by a bunch of mutated freaks that have been living underground. At least that’s where my mind goes.

Looks like a delicious sandwich at least!

(Via Radio Free Europe)