Video: Emilio Sparks’ Hair Interviews Lloyd Banks

Emilio sat down with Lloyd Banks recently to talk about everything from the business to threesomes -wait…what’s it called when you get seven chicks? A septetsome? Anyway, this is a pretty interesting interview, but we’ll let Emilio tell it.

Emilio Sparks “The C-Rose of Hip Hip” interviewed Lloyd banks. We spoke about Minajatwa’s (it’s more classy in french) & groupie luv (I had no stories to contribute so I just listened like a 5 year old at story time)

Anyway we spoke of other things as well like Interscope Records & talked Hip-Hop and the famous G-Unit chain. So sit back enjoy & be mesmerized by how great of a hair day I had.

Footage provided by Evan Brockett & Puma, props to Angel who made the interview possible.