Allow This Video To Explain The Plethora Of Things Wrong With Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’

In honor of Liam Neeson’s (Liam Neesons?) return to the multiplex this weekend with his latest ersatz Taken sequel, Non-Stop (I think he fights a plane in this one), the gang at CinemaSins have put together their latest “Everything Wrong With…” video, Everything Wrong With Taken In 9 Minutes Or Less. But then the status bar on the video says 12:22. Can anyone explain this discrepancy? I don’t feel like watching the whole thing. Honestly, even if it’s nine minutes, that’s at least four minutes longer than anyone should spend discussing Taken.

The shorter version of this video is just me saying “Maggie Grace” into my webcam.

I prefer the Key and Peele version.

(Homepage image via IMDB)