Watch This Tiny French Bulldog Scare The Bejesus Out Of These Big Ol’ Bears

Witness this glorious interaction between two bears and a ferocious French bulldog, who will stop at nothing to defend his home turf. This feisty little fella was sent out to do his duty when bears kept terrorizing the swanky landscaping job of a Californian residence. Boy, did he ever get the job done.

Owner David Hernandez couldn’t believe his tiny pup “turned into a wolverine” when allowed to do his thing. Bears often look adorable when scampering over a fence, but these 100-pound bad boys looked terrified in action. This dog, weighing all of 20-pounds of pure muscle, earned the “Beware of Dog” sign that now sits in front of the family home. He deserves all the doggie treats in the world.

(Via WSBT-TV on Facebook)