Watch This Girl Deal With An Emotional Case Of Pac-Man Fever Following Her Surgery

When you’ve had surgery, no matter the type, you usually have a period after it is finished where you’re still reeling from the drugs used during the procedure. We’ve seen it before and some reactions have even reached some fairly successful viral fame (looking at you, ‘David After Dentist’). This girl probably ranks up there with some of the best, not only for her “choice” of post-surgery fun, but also for her very emotional response to it all.

The girl in the video, Jenn, according to the YouTube account, is playing a very heated game of Pac-Man with her hands, complete with sound effects and everything. Then the waterworks begin and the game gets very emotional, almost like Pac-Man doesn’t want to eat anymore and is forced to do so by mere existence. Ponder that!

(Via Jenn Pacmman)