What If Fast Food Commercials Were Brutally Honest About Their Products?

Fast food is a great way to load up on carbs before work or a class (don’t judge), but it’s certainly not the healthiest option on a daily basis. The problem is fast food companies keep coming up with monstrous new concoctions designed to harden our arteries while still trying to sell America on the idea that some of their offerings are healthy (as long as they’re not eaten but only admired from afar).

Cracked, long an arbiter of both humor and uncomfortable truths, has put together this fast food commercial to remind you exactly how awful fast food is and how incredibly unappetizing it would be if the spokespeople trying to get you to stuff another 80 chicken nuggets down your gullet were actually honest about the swill they’re selling. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a super-sized order of fries, but that’s probably because no one refers to the dipping sauces that come with it as “yellow paste” and “yellow slime.”

You know what? This video might make you never want to eat again.

(Via Cracked)