Jalen Rose On His Close, But Complicated Bond With Chris Webber

With his now-patented baseball bat in hand, Jalen Rose sat down with Bill Simmons again for another entertaining perspective clip. The topic this time revolved around Jalen’s current bond with co-Fab Five’r, Chris Webber. Friends since before they were even teenagers, Rose recounts the story of when he first met C-Webb and how one coast-to-coast play in practice made him forget about the dingy socks Webber was sporting. He also laments on the fact he and Chris do not speak as often as they should, but Jalen’s reasoning as to why proved to be the kicker.

“The timeout” changed everything. It altered Chris’ outlook on basketball (likely in crucial moments), how he viewed his time at Michigan and, ultimately, how he managed relationships with people who were side-by-side with him during the Fab Five years, including the fallout. Both Rose and Webber ended up fine in the long run, however, with long playing careers of varied success and are now two pretty damn good analysts on ESPN and TNT. Yes, despite what some may think, Webber is enjoyable when paired alongside Kevin Harlan and Rose is too whenever he doesn’t try to sing. Still, just once it’d be nice to hear C-Webb’s stance on the entire saga in-depth.

There’s also a part when Jalen admits he could’ve gone to UNLV or Syracuse. It’s probably best to let Gotty address that topic, however.

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