Lupe’s Lasers Is Real

Indeed, stranger things have happened but Lupe Fiasco’s looong-awaited third LP is realistically slated to hit shelves on 3.8.11. No more pushbacks, false starts or trickery. In other words, the show goes on. One of the worst things for a musician, mainly a rapper, is to be idle without a project to promote or look forward. Another is Twitter. Both have caused The Lupester more negative attention and useless publicity than he probably had hoped for but whether you’re a fan, hater or somewhere in between, the fact that he’s making music to further his career before it spiraled out of salvation’s reach is something everybody can agree is for the best.

This promo clip for Lasers should be enough to enlighten the anticipation one last time until the due date arrives.

Pre-order Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers for $10.99 on iTunes.