Watch These Skyscraper Window Washers Take A Frightening Ride Thanks To Some Freak Wind

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04.04.15 3 Comments

It’s bad enough to be a window washer on a skyscraper as it is. You have to ride those scaffold platforms to the highest floors and hope nothing goes wrong in the process. It’s not a job for folks who are afraid of heights. When you add in the unpredictability of nature, it’s not a job for anybody with a pulse.

This clip proves just that, showing what happens when some freak winds pick up and start whipping around some helpless window washers at the 91st floor of Shanghai World Financial Center. Here’s a look at the building if you’ve never seen it:


Getty Image

That’s 1,600 feet of building and these cleaners were being thrown around near the top for 15 minutes. They made it eventually, but damn if they

(Via LiveLeak / Sploid)

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