Video: This 1988 Fraternity Rush Song Is A Thing Of Beauty

This Chi Phi fraternity rush video from 1988 was posted to YouTube back in 2007, but I didn’t see it until UPROXX reader Kirk brought it to my attention over the weekend. And it doesn’t really matter how old it is or how many views it has – only 84,000 is criminal – because it is awesome and should be posted and discussed often so that we may never forget it.

In fact, I hope that one day, in the distant future, aliens come to conquer and annihilate all life on Earth in order to harvest all of our remaining resources, but right before they leave forever they discover this rush video from the University of Southern California and their space battleships explode immediately from the overwhelming sheer awesomeness that these rapping bros deliver.

A few things worth noting…

– It appears that the Harlem Shake dance craze that wasn’t actually the Harlem Shake may have been invented by the bros of Chi Phi at USC.

– BROS! DUI Dave has a computer. What a f*cking nerd!

– Dudes, Richie C. was the coolest! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!

– What do you think the house dog’s name was? My guess is Cheech or Bong Rip.

– Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Duckie from Pretty in Pink!

– Every frat house needs a deer head. If your house does not have one, go get one immediately and make a pledge hump it.


(H/T to Elite Daily)