Ty Lawson Tosses Crazy Half-Court Alley-Oop To Kenneth Faried

Pending the current top five out West hold court, the 4-5 matchup between the Grizzlies and Nuggets could very well be the must-watch opening round series in either conference. Two teams with two contrasting styles of play, except one has a young man affectionally referred to as “Manimal.”

Kenneth Faried won’t be the best player on the court, but best believe if anyone in the Western Conference is built to go blow for blow with Zach Randolph for potentially seven games, it’s this guy. Not only has Manimal eliminated all stereotypes of guys with dreads being subpar NBA players, he’s fashions watching a cinderblock with legs sprint down the court and finish in the manner he did Monday night in Phoenix.

Much as been made about Miami’s current 18-game winning streak and well-deserved, but Ty Lawson’s emergence as one of the best players in basketball since the All-Star break has this team clicking on all cylinders to the tune of their own nine-game winning streak. And don’t look now, Denver’s only a game back of Memphis for the fourth seed and home court for the first round. Strap on your seat belts, folks. This race to the finish line in the Western Conference is going to make for some of the best TV you’ll see all spring.