Walmart Is Sorry It Made An ISIS Cake For This Man Who Was Denied A Confederate Flag Cake

Meet Chuck Netzhammer, a Louisiana man who’s very upset that Walmart’s decided to cut the confederate flag from all of its offerings. He’s so upset, in fact, that he’s chosen to prove his point by ordering an ISIS cake from a Walmart employee and then going to the media when the person working the cake counter didn’t realize that what they were making was a poster for a terrorist group. How many of us would make that same mistake?

ABC reports that the frustrated Netzhammer tried to get Walmart to make him a Confederate flag cake which read “heritage not hate” and was denied his apparently reasonable request. What he did next was…not as reasonable. (And no, a confederate flag cake isn’t reasonable to begin with, so Netzhammer wasn’t setting the bar very high).

Here’s what happened when he returned to the store:

“I went back yesterday and managed to get an ISIS battleflag printed. ISIS happens to be somebody who we’re fighting against right now who are killing our men and boys overseas and are beheading Christians,” Netzhammer said.

Okay. That’s an excellent point to take up with Walmart. The retailer, of course, caved and apologized for making the cake which Netzhammer claims can be “bought by anyone” while conveniently not pointing out that this was a special order that no other human would ask for. It’s not like Walmart is just cranking these babies out by the dozen.

Fortunately for other Americans who may be offended, Walmart has stated that they won’t be making any more cakes advertising terrorist organizations, so we can all eat our pastries a little safer thanks to Netzhammer. Could someone get this guy a medal of honor or what? Do they engrave those things at Walmart?

(Via ABC h/t Gawker)