Vin Diesel Says Marvel Wants Him, Continues Dominating Facebook

Vin Diesel’s Facebook page is delightfully strange, and now he’s shared some interesting news for his 43 million (!) followers*. He posted a picture of himself using a water jetpack, under which he revealed Marvel requested a meeting with him.

This news comes less than a year after Vin Diesel added (then deleted) two photos referencing Marvel character The Vision, sparking a rumor that Diesel was trying to get the part. Safe to say he’s probably not playing the Vision, but why is Marvel setting up a meeting with him?

We don’t know. His acting is a little wooden, and he’s the most interesting when playing characters of few words. Wait. Hold up. He’d be perfect for Groot…

(H/T: SuperHeroHype)

* We did the math awhile back. 4% of all Facebook accounts like Vin Diesel.

Banner image components courtesy of Universal and Marvel.