Vin Diesel Would Like To Motivate You On Facebook

When Joe Mande posted a few pictures like the one above, saying they were from the Vin Diesel Facebook page with over 30 million “likes”, we had to go see for ourselves. What we found was a treasure trove of Vin Diesel photoshop-based fanaticism even more puzzling than Vin Diesel fan fiction. Keep in mind, each of these pictures has tens of thousands of “likes” and thousands of comments from fans, most of them from women professing their love (don’t burst their bubble, fellow pink teammates).
But perhaps more amazing than the fan-made “motivational” photoshops are the descriptions — supposedly written by Diesel — underneath each photo. I so badly want those comments to be written by Diesel himself. For your betterment, we’ve blockquoted these nuggets of contagious positivity from Diesel (or his representative or an imposter) underneath each photo so you can be totally motivated, too.

“I like how this image serves as a warning to newcomers…
Something feels sexy about this Spring…
P.s. On a deeper level… I believe this is a year of understanding and truth… in Our personal lives as well as Our collective.”

“My grand Uncle, Brother, who is the actual brother of the grandma you have heard me talk about, just turned 95… that’s a lot of wisdom.
Happy Birthday Brother!
P.s. Yeah, you already know, but… proud of Our page…”

“This is your summer, own it.
P.s. Thanks for the love…”

“Last week I had a great meeting with Tony Scott. He is a really nice guy, and an incredible director… I am a lucky kid from New York.
pero tu sabe tu sabe
In the spirit of our creative sundays, I came across this embellished image…
p.s. I wont be able to read too many comments this week, the work is stacking… so this is just a quick hello post. (cap at 1000 comments)
you make me smile.”

Robert Dugre: -wrote- Vin 10 mil strong and growing its proof that something inside you transcends all boundaries – one race, one love. your an inspiration to all of us and a daily reminder to this fellow new yorker that all our dreams are in our grasp .. we just need the courage and perseverance to reach out and grab them. your living proof that one person can change the world. stay strong, stay true to yourself and your vision and the world will hear your message.
P.s. So proud of our page… pero tu sabe, tu sabe…”

“Happy Mother’s day!!!
You are the heart of life…
P.s. One love… enjoy this creative Sunday…”

“Welcome to Our Millennium!
Crystal Anderson: -wrote- Vin, today being what it is, I just have to ask: Where were you/what were you doing when the towers fell?
I had just landed in LA from a New York flight 24 hours earlier… my friends were trying to get me to stay an extra day and leave to LA on the morning of 9 /11 instead of flying on the 10th…
P.s. One race, One world… One love…”

“A prayer… a promise.
We will make Our world a better place.
One Love”

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them.
John F. Kennedy”

28 million nonjudgemental, multicultural, beautiful souls…
You make this world a better place.
P.s. This is in many ways is a very profound picture. It was taken in Tunisia, Carthage to be exact, weeks before the first successful revolt of a regime in the region in 60 years. I was there doing research for the long awaited General Hannibal trilogy, and yet I could feel something was to come. I had no idea that Our page would have had such an impact… I was simply inviting the country and it’s people, so integral to the story I have been passionate about for a decade… to Our page.”

“Washington Square park… I remember my father taking my brother and I on sled rides around the park when it snowed. In the summer it was our lake… it’s where we could play chess with the best… as resourceful teens, we would train on the monkey bars. When I was 16, we started performing in the circle… as street performers… break dancers.
I had already been acting for 10 years at that time… little did I know it would take another decade before getting my first gig.
I could go on forever about WSP in the 70’s and 80’s… thanks for inspiring…”

“In the angelic words, that you immortalized…
“I will always love you…”
Whitney Houston.


“When I read comments, I sometimes wonder if the ones leaving the comments realize their impact. Like the theme so nicely depicted in this image, one wonders, if you all realize…
How could one comment, one positive breath, know itself to be movement? Yet a movement grows…
G.n. Haha, am I am talking too much…”

“Love the Tolkien poem…
It has been fun spending this afternoon with you reading the many great comments.
Now, back to work.
Meeting with the director of Riddick.

“RirHi Villafaña: -wrote- im 100% sure that this page is your real page!!! i dont know why but i feel it in your post!! :)
Hey! You caught me off guard- but NOT unprepared!

“We got a big family!
The power of unity is profound and invaluable. I am proud of the way you have all embraced one another here on our nonjudgemental page…
P.s. This image describes my feeling today… lucky kid from NY who has the world in his heart…”

“A very special day…
Vanessa Sacco: -wrote- The moments that you know that there are over 14,000,000 people on this planet thinking of you must be wonderful, humbling and scary all at the same time! From our point of view, you are amazing. You have brought people from all over the planet into One family. A mighty big family! Congratulations Vin…. you have the drive and the nature that we admire and you have our support. Now…. on to the 15, 16, 17….etc. xXx Ness :o)
P.s. thanks for the love…”

I can’t believe how much Our page has grown… I am a lucky kid from New York… blessed and honored to be a part of it.
P.s. If you have a dream, only you, can pursue it… have a great and productive week…”

“I have a feeling years from now, when this new fan inspired art is recognized, people will look back to it’s introduction…
It really is something special.”

It sure is.