The Daycare Worker Who Started A ‘Baby Fight Club’ Is Facing Some Stiff Prison Time

The Virginia woman who was arrested for orchestrating a toddler fight club is facing 41 years in prison. Sarah Jordan, she of the Minnieland Academy daycare fighting ring, is facing a maximum of more than four decades behind bars for her part in traumatizing toddlers and infants. She was found guilty of thirteen counts of turning happy days at the nursery into a terrifying hellscape of violence:

Witnesses testified that Jordan intentionally tripped children, stepped on their toes, encouraged them to fight each other and sprayed them in the face with a hose.

Shockingly, the 13 felonies and misdemeanors for which Jordan was charged are not even the tip of the iceberg:

She was found not guilty on four counts. More than 20 counts were dismissed by the judge during the trial, largely because prosecutors failed to prove that the alleged assaults had occurred within the statute of limitations.

Jordan maintains that she only “occasionally used the hose to sprinkle kids with water because the sprinkler attachment was broken,” which is a fairly unbelievable excuse for how a child abuse allegation could have been confused. If you’re going to try and come up with a reason for how you were accused of toddler fight club if it never happened, then you might as well make it a little more interesting an excuse.

“Well you see, your honor, I’m best friends with an imaginary unicorn that told me to stomp on little kids’ toes because that’s where the magic goblins live and plot to kill us all.” It is just as fantastical and unlikely as her assertion that her coworkers accused her of these things because of work place disputes, but more entertaining for the rest of us.

(via Fox 11 LA)