Vodka Samm's .341 BAC Mugshot Is Magnificent

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09.03.13 17 Comments

vodka samm mugshot

We have good news and bad news as it relates to Vodka Samm, the instant Internet icon who over the weekend drunkenly ran onto the field during a college football game and later blew a .341 BAC. The bad news: she deleted her Twitter acount. It’s as if “#yolo” means NOTHING anymore. The good news: she has a mugshot.

According to Deadspin, “The whiteboard says that [Vodka Samm] refused a preliminary breath test, but according [to Vodka Samm]’s own bragging tweets, she blew the .341 in jail. The University police’s report confirms.” If she could go BAC to the future, she’d hopefully do the whole thing over again, unlike the officer to her left in the mugshot. He now wishes he had followed his true passion: t-shirt designer.


(Via Deadspin) (T-shirt via)

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