Volkswagen’s Tiny Super Bowl Vader Unmasked (Video)

By now I’m sure most everyone has seen the adorable mini Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial from Sunday’s Super Bowl programming (even ran for one week prior). But what most I’m sure are now left wondering is, “who the hell was the midget in the costume?” Coincidentally enough, the over-achievers at The Today Show felt the exact same way as you and thought it great to unmasked the little Vader live on air. Oh don’t worry, it wasn’t a real midget, just cute child actor, Max Page -a kid who at just 6-years-old already has a way more manlier name than most of my adult friends.

Video below of Matt Lauer badgering the poor kid with questions about his “career” and even his congenital heart defect (no really). Well played Matt, between eating Fruit by the Foot and trying to find the prize at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box, I’m sure young Max would love to gush the details. He’s a kid! Lord forbid you ask him who his favorite Hardy Boy is. I’m guessing Frank, but it could be Joe? Well, thanks to Matt Lauer, now we’ll never know.

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[via BuzzFeed]

[special thanks to SlashGear]