On Top Of An Impending Suspension, Von Miller May Be A Witness In A Murder Case

At least Denver Broncos All-Pro linebacker Von Miller isn’t in Aaron Hernandez’s shoes.

On Monday, news broke Miller would likely be suspended six games after allegedly violating the league’s substance abuse policy. According to sources connected with USA TODAY, the impending suspension would not result from a positive test. The NFL’s policy on these sorts of things state a player would be suspended for six games “if he did not successfully complete the first phase of intervention program and had two subsequent violations while in the second phase.”

So what does this mean for Miller now? Well…

1. He instantly enters the third phase of the program where he would remain for the rest of his career.

2. He would be subjected to random tests nearly 10 times a month.

3. If he tests positive or fails to comply with the program, he could face a year-long suspension.*

As if the stress of missing nearly 40% of his team’s season isn’t enough, the former Texas A&M Aggie finds his name on a witness list involving a death-penalty murder trial. The Broncos were informed of the case months prior and have been aware Miller has been cited as a potential witness.

Thankfully, for both he and the Broncos’ sake, Von has no direct link to the case. He “only” appears on the witness list as an acquataince of a friend to the defendant, Dexter Lewis. And what is Lewis accused of, you ask? Only killing five people after a robbery at an establishment called Fero’s Bar and then setting the bar on fire.

Damn the song. Von Miller’s friends need new friends.

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* – I don’t want to see the guy suspended, but a six game suspension means he’d miss Week 5 vs. Dallas. I’ll take it.