People Are Sharing Voter Turnout Pictures And Long Polling Lines On Social Media

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In the two years since Donald Trump was elected president, a swelling wave of resistance has been bubbling up across the country as women, minorities, immigrants, and the LGTBQ community are seeing the rights infringed upon — or at risk of being infringed upon. And today is the day that discontented progressives may change that by heading to the polls to vote in the midterm election and herald in the much-hyped blue wave everyone is hoping for.

But if early voting turnout was any indication, people heading to the polls on Election Day were going to anticipate long lines, and long lines there were. Many took to social media to express longer waits than they had ever previously experienced, whether it was the before-work bottleneck or due to states where voter suppression is rampant.

Georgia in particular, is experiencing the latter problem thanks to the hotly contested race between Democrat Stacey Abrams, who is vying to be the first black female governor; and Republican Brian Kemp, the current Georgia Secretary of State who is just so happens to be in charge of running the election.

So for one reason or another, voters are dealing with long waits, as you can see from just a handful of the thousands of photos posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

For those aimlessly scrolling their Twitter feed while contemplating bailing out of line, others — celebrities in particular — had messages of encouragement to stay in place.

Have you voted yet? Yes, you! It’s not too late (depending when you’re reading this) so get out and vote.