Waffle House Lays The Smack Down On Belgium In Advance Of Tuesday’s USA/Belgium World Cup Match

There are few things I love more in life than trips to Waffle House. When it was rainy and freezing on Mardi Gras day earlier this year, where did I go to cheer myself up? Waffle House, that’s where. Of course I did. DUH. Anyone who’s ever had their hash browns — especially the “smothered and covered” version of them — knows why. Hell, I want some RIGHT NOW. Also worthy of note: I drank my morning coffee today out of a Waffle House mug. Did you know that they’ll sell you one of their coffee mugs for a dollar? Well, they totally will! So now you know.

That said, props to whoever runs the Waffle House Twitter account for the tweet below. That’s some truly inspired work right there. USA USA USA!!!

Your move, Belgium!

(Via Meredith Frost)