Wait, ‘Watch Dogs’ Is Going To Take How Long To Finish?!

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03.17.14 4 Comments

One of the most common gripes about modern video games is that they’re too short. Some shooters have a single-player campaign that can be blown through in a few hours. Watch Dogs, however, is decidedly not one of those games.

How long will it take to get through the game’s story? If you’re focused, a work-week. If not, almost a work month, according to the game’s creative director, Jonathan Morin:

Man, we hope he’s not counting fetch quests and stuff like that, because 100 hours of gameplay would be awesome. As we all remember, Watch Dogs got delayed from a November release last year because it needed a little polish, according to Ubisoft. That also apparently gave the development team time to get a little dangerous: The game was rated 18+ by Australia’s notoriously awful ratings board because a new plotline involves human trafficking, giving you an idea of just what our anti-hero is dealing with in the Windy City.

Really, the more we hear about this game, the better it sounds. The delay left a rather large hole in 2013’s schedule, and although the game appears to have changed slightly from its previous incarnation, it’s still one of the most promising games of the year. Besides, you have to love a game where you play a hacker who is also a gun-fu ninja: There’s nothing bad in that sentence.

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