This Man Found Out That Binge Drinking While Binge Watching ‘The Walking Dead’ Leads To Murder

The scary thing about zombies, if you believe The Walking Dead, is that despite their sluggish movements and propensity for smacking into objects while muttering unintelligibly, they can still sneak up on you.

Take the case of Damon Perry, for instance. Perry, 23, was binge drinking and binge watching The Walking Dead with his good buddy Christopher Paquin. Normally, this kind of behavior sometimes escalates into a shouting match over the intricacies of companionship and mortality in a post-apocalyptic world, but last week, Perry allowed his affection for the AMC show — as well as his affection for booze — ultimately cloud his sense of reality.

Police were called to an apartment on Thursday after they were notified that a man was drunkenly chasing a woman with a knife. When they arrived, two maintenance workers had Perry detained on the ground. It was at the apartment that police found the dead body of Perry’s friend, Christopher. He suffered stab wounds and blunt force trauma from the likes of a guitar and a microwave. Perry admitted that he was drinking heavily and watching Rick Grimes and co. when Chris began transforming into a zombie. Therefore, he beat and stabbed him to death, as one naturally does when attacked by a living corpse.

While his version of what happened is being properly vetted, as you would do in a case such as this, Perry is currently being held on a $800,000 bond.

(via The Guardian)