Walmart Actually Thought A ‘Fat Girl Costumes’ Halloween Category Was A Good Idea For Their Website

Ever the bastions of decorum and good taste, Walmart came under fire this morning after Jezebel and AdWeek both picked up on the fact that what is traditionally referred to as the “plus size” section of costumes on their retail site was listed under the more colorful “Fat Girl Costumes” label.

According to this tweet, the website had displayed the category since at least last Tuesday, and who knows how long before that. However, after the news broke this morning, they removed all costumes from the fat girls category, and the link now redirects to the slightly more tasteful “Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes.” Well, as tasteful as you can get, anyway, for a site that boasts a sexy “Nerdy Girl” costume. (How is that even nerdy? She’s just wearing glasses, for f*ck’s sake!)

Anyway, here’s what the page looked like, in all its glory:

One wonders how the hell something like this even happens in the first place. Could this be the work of a disgruntled employee or did Walmart really, truly think this was a good thing to name their plus size costumes? Who knows. But on the topic of Walmart’s smoothness, I should also note that the new, improved “Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes” page also displayed a Weight Watchers ad when I first went to it. Keep up the good work, guys.