This Supercut Of Walter White Freaking Out Might Sum Up Your Feelings About The Emmys And/Or Life

More than any other award show, the Emmys are particularly aggravating because, unlike the Oscars or Grammys, they at least try to nominate the other people, and you convince yourself that the right choice is going to win… and then they don’t. So, Jon Cryer beating Louis C.K. is much more &^**&^*)*)&$#@ than Crash winning Best Picture over the far superior Junebug, which wasn’t even nominated.

You might feel like yelling today, not unlike Walter White, as played by that loser Bryan Cranston, who’s done plenty of screaming at guns, people, pools, RVs, doors, and himself over five seasons of Breaking Bad. If so, this supercut, by Slacktory, might be just what you need.

(Via Clip Nation)