Walter White's Heisen-Brrr-g Crunch: Jon Defreest's Retirement Pop-Cultured Ben & Jerry's Flavor

It’s a sad day boys and girls. Our friend and pop culture artist extraordinaire, Jon Defreest, has just announced his retirement from the Ben & Jerry’s pop-flavoring game that he himself started a year ago with the simple goal of dedicating a bacon and eggs flavored ice cream to Ron Swanson.

All good things must come to an end though, and it only makes sense for Jonny to exit on a fitting high note with a flavor inspired by the show that embraced his tribute sneakers and had him out to the set. Per Defreest

“This is officially the last Ben & Jerry’s flavor you’ll see from me. I would have stopped sooner, but there was no way I could end the series without at least ONE Breaking Bad flavor. Thanks everyone!”

Walter White’s Heisen-Brrr-g Crunch embraces Walt’s hat donning, drug manufacturing alter ego and sprinkles in very necessary Blue Raspberry Pop Rocks to make the whole thing feel authentic. In honor of the retirement I encourage everyone to take a stroll through our archive of favorite pop culture ice creams from the last year, pouring a little dairy out on the way. And to Defreest on his way out…