Emails To RedTube From Porn Star Wannabees On Stock Photos Is Comedy Gold

As a follow-up to their wildly popular PornHub Comments on Stock Photos, PornHub is back with another stock photo Tumblr series. This time, however, they’re dealing with emails to RedTube — the video-sharing website which is part of PornHub’s network — from creepy weirdos from all over the world who ostensibly want help launching their porn careers.

RedTube Wannabe Porn Stars say RedTube isn’t even a company that makes its own porn, yet they say they still get “tons of emails from enthusiastic folks trying to get into the industry.” Likewise, as with most PornHub Comments on Stock Photos, the spelling, grammar and general use of the English language in emails received by RedTube from wannabe porn stars is spotty at best.

But who wants to read legible and coherent emails from aspiring porn stars anyway? What fun would that be?

Here are a few of our favorites, but you can head over to RedTube Wannabe Porn Stars to see the rest.

By the way, the language on these pictures is obviously very NSFW.