Want to See ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi Wear Jorts? Of Course You Do.

09.28.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

Tom Rinaldi Jorts Big

ESPN’s College Gameday is great because of the madness and spontaneity created by the meme-able fan signs, day-drunk co-eds and Lee Corso’s blabbering about strategizin’ for three hours. But nothing–I mean, nothing–prepared viewers for glimpsing Tom Rinaldi conduct a segment in jorts this morning.

Peep the picture above and note the pair he’s sporting. They’re cut-offs, perfectly snipped an inch and a half above his pasty-white kneecap, slim-fit without nut-hugging and high-wasted. These jorts right here are perfect jorts, the kind that college bros claim to wear ironically but secretly love wearing because they provide comfort and durability for keg stands and shot-gunning.

To Tom–who’s ESPN’s resident sad-sack grey cloud of maudlin narrating–I bequeath upon you the mantel of #JortGawd from its previous holders, me and AJ. I salute the gusto, the confidence and whimsicality not commonly seen from a guy who looks like he just walked out of a Sears suit sale on the way to his accounting job. You, my friend, have won “Gameday.”

With that being said, everyone, enjoy your Saturday.

Screengrab: Tim Burke

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