Want to See Jack Kirby's Idea of Erotica?

Oh dear God.
There are words that should not be used in the same sentence when it comes to comics. “Bendis” and “concise”. “Winick” and “tolerable”. But “Kirby” and “erotica” kind of take the cake.
Kirby is a beloved artist for excellent reason, but when it comes to the human form, he’s not exactly Frank Cho or Dave Stevens. Nonetheless, Jack Kirby was a working artist, and he had bills to pay. So, in the ’70s, he apparently drew two pages of an “erotic” comic strip that mostly proves he was better off drawing superhero books. Thankfully, we’re spared any actual nudity or boning in these panels, because we’re fairly sure the women would have square nipples or something.
We’re not entirely sure Comics Alliance, which recently featured this art, didn’t just find a good imitator and are currently yanking the Internet’s collective chain.
Nonetheless, here are some of the panels. All of which are the most painfully awkward things we’ve ever seen in comics. Mildly NWS content on the next few slides.

It’s really the dong-shaped raygun that makes this.
Is that…is that supposed to be an upskirt shot? Is this what Mister Miracle sees at night?
Kirby photo courtesy Alan Light on Flickr
Those mind-searing panels courtesy Comics Alliance

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