Watch A Crowd Of Passengers Rock A Train To Rescue A Trapped Man

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What started out as the typical morning train commute for one Australian man quickly developed into a moment of horror that probably ended in a strange combination of embarrassment, relief and overwhelming gratitude. While boarding a train at the Stirling Station in Perth, a man suddenly became stuck when his leg slipped into the narrow gap between the platform and the train’s door. Making matters worse was the fact that this reportedly happened right next to a “Mind the Gap” sign, but for the immediate time being, the focus was on saving this man so his leg wasn’t yanked off when the train started moving.

Fortunately, the station’s attendants were immediately notified of the incident so the train did not leave, but plenty of people were certainly about to be late for work while everyone figured out how to get this guy’s leg out of the 5cm gap. In the end, everyone had to clear the train so they could get outside and give one giant shove so he could pull his leg out and walk away almost entirely unscathed. Well, except for his strained pride.

It really was a lost effort until hipster Shawn Bradley showed up to loosen the lid on the pickle jar, though. If he didn’t shout, “I AM GROOT!” then this is a disappointment.

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