Watch A Heroic Pickup Truck Driver Stop A D*ckhead Teen From Running Over Children

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06.03.14 11 Comments

Want to know the hot new fad all the teens are doing these days? It’s called, Getting Their Runaway, Children-Endangering Asses Stopped by Pickup Truck Drivers. It’s all the craze on Instagram.

According to Syracuse Police, officers were alerted to a car that was reported stolen out of Duchesne County and was driven by a 14-year-old from Sunset. Police also believed the teen may have had a weapon with him.

The car was located and Police tried to stop the vehicle near 1290 South and 1000 West. The car then led officers on a pursuit in a residential area. The vehicle then entered Founders Park, and police called off the chase. A video taken by Bryson Rowley shows the car speeding through a grass field where children were playing. A woman yelled at children to get out of the way and the car zoomed past, coming close to a handful of children.

The chase ended when someone in a pickup crashed into the vehicle…to stop the driver. (Via)

See, this is why we need robot chauffeurs. And for #BANTEENS to catch on.

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