Watch A Parody Of HBO’s ‘Girls’ Called, Simply, ‘Boys’

You know who has it tough? White males in their 20s who live in Los Angeles. What’s a broke screenplay writer to do with all his big ideas about being financially cut off by his parents at the age of 21? The answer: Not wear pants, or at least that’s what it is in Peter Moses and Frank Cappello’s parody of HBO’s Girls, called Boys.

Boys stars, in a nod to Girls‘ so-called “neptoism,” the sons of Wolf Blitzer (Bear), Pat Benatar (Patrick), John Patrick Shanley (John Patrick Shanley, Jr.), and Daniel Craig (Craig). The clip already has a fan in former-20-year-old male/Girls co-creator Judd Apatow who tweeted, “That made me laugh a few times.It got me.”

Why, yes, a MGMT song does play in the background!

(Via Mashable)