Watch A Recreation Of The Battle Scene From ‘Braveheart’…Starring Two Hookers

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11.30.12 2 Comments

Perhaps inspired by a good old fashioned late-night, self-hate movie marathon binge, the man known as Fat Jew, a.k.a. actor Fabrizio Goldstein, came up with the wise idea to call two hookers over to his house…and reenact the battle scene from the 1995 Mel Gibson classic Braveheart, with “real weapons.”

A couple of things:

1. That one woman’s line reading of, “…they will never take our freedom” is immaculate AND empowering. Maybe this stunt (real or not) will reverse what we’re led to believe about all hookers, prostitutes, and strippers, in that they’re all failed actresses. It’s possible she didn’t know she was an actress…until now. Very progressive.

2. There must be a porn out there called Bravehard, right?

3. An all-hooker retelling of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome would be amazing.

(Via Reddit)

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