Watch Ad-Rock From The Beastie Boys Give Advice To Teenage Girls

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As part of Rookie Mag’s “Ask a Grown Man” series, Ad-Rock, aka Adam Horovitz, has some sage wisdom for young girls. His advice is kind and understanding, but neatly cuts through the youthful drama and gets to the point. Asked by one girl how she and her boyfriend should have their first kiss, his advice? “Go ahead and kiss.” Asked by one girl how to properly break up with her boyfriend, he says, “Just say, you know, you’d prefer being friends,” but recommends coming up with a story or blaming your parents if that doesn’t work — which is flawless advice for young tweens. Blame those parents while you can, kids!

He also helps one young woman with her problem anxiety, letting her know she’s not alone, and tells another girl the life-altering piece of advice that young guys aren’t generally very “observant,” and you have to be a bit up-front with them. We all could have used some Ad(vice)-Rock in our youth.

Source: Consequence of Sound