Stop Everything And Watch This Adorable Corgi Cause Fire, Explosions And Mayhem

In this video — which is nearly two-years-old but has seen new-found resurgence thanks to Digg — a Corgi named “Yogi,” (best Corgi named ever?) was being featured on a show called The Pet Collective, which seeks to identify and rehabilitate bad dog behavior. Yogi’s bad behavior, it seems, stems from either his hatred or enthusiasm for cleaning products (it’s unclear) so his owners attempt to record footage of Yogi in the act. Which is all well and good, until ALL HOLY HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

I don’t want to give anything away, but this is like Cloverfield-level mayhem, right here. Yesterday I joked that Corgis needed to step up their game, but Jesus Christ, I had no idea.