Watch As The Axle Of This Muscle Car Flies Off After The Driver Hits The Gas

Just a fair warning, this video is ridiculously loud, and filled with NSFW language.

The dash cam footage starts with a 1960’s Dodge Dart revving its engine at a stop light. From the hellish noises the motor is making, it’s fair to say the owner made a few slight modifications to the vehicle. After the light goes green, the driver of the suped-up Dodge (possibly Joe Dirt) floors the gas pedal (possibly foot-shaped). Before the Dart gets too far, though, the back end of it starts to jump erratically. Within a few seconds of the vehicle losing control, its entire back axle comes flying off. At the sight of all this, the people filming from the other car break into wild, profanity-laced laughter.

The person driving the muscle car may have thought they were auditioning for a Fast and Furious sequel, when actually it ended up being a potential submission to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

(Via: BroBible, YouTube)