Watch As These Clever Cow Thieves Pull Off An Epic Heist With Gusto

A lot of people ask why folks around the Internet post videos from Reddit. I’ve been asked before and from now on, I’m going to point to this video. This is my reason and It’s awesome. Even if the folks at Reddit didn’t film it, the site and users did share it and I appreciate that.

It’s not everyday that you get to see two grown men use their cunning and brute strength to stuff a cow in the back seat of a hatchback and drive away. It just seems like everyday life where they live and after some furious shoving on the backdoor, they ride off into the sunset to seek another adventure.

It’s probably customary to hope that these thieves and their animal captive worked out a deal and now solve mysteries together, but I’m not a fool. These two guys probably just ate like kings for a few days before keeling over from exhaustion and some sort of weird cow disease.

(Via Arslan Noxchi / Reddit / AOL)