Watch As These Doctors Remove A Smartphone Trapped In This Man’s Mouth

Who knows why someone would end up with a cellphone lodged in their mouth. Perhaps they believed it was a candy bar? Maybe they are a really close talker? Could this be the result of a mugging gone wrong? Who knows. The only sure facts are here are the cellphone in the mouth, a very amused hospital staff, and one extremely sedated man. From Metro:

The clip shows an unidentified man lying sedated on a hospital bed in Klerksdorp, South Africa, with medical staff crowded around him.

Some of them can be heard laughing as metal clamps are used to pull the electronic device from his mouth.

The clip, originally filmed in 2012 by Edwin Shingo, resurfaced this week on video-sharing site LiveLeak.

As someone who seems to find himself watching a lot of cheap surgery videos on YouTube, I kinda feel like the relief of getting this phone out your mouth is gotta be pretty great. Not draining cyst great or ingrown toenail great, but still pretty good. He can eat food again, just as soon as he’s finished drooling all over the floor.

(Via Edwin Shingo / Metro)

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