Watch As This Dinosaur Terrorizes People ‘In The Hood’

If you look past the fact that the YouTube channel is called Average Bro TV and they really focus in on the Compton sign at the start of the video, this is a really fun clip to watch. It features a guy in a dinosaur costume popping up all around the area, scaring people and trying to steal drinks at the drive-thru window.

I still prefer this Japanese clip and consider it a superior dinosaur prank, but this one features a few funny moments. I especially like when our playful dino tries to hang out at the barber shop and then the ending featuring two drink casualties, one brave soul, and a group of cops just watching the whole thing.

Now I have to ask, where does this stand on the “In The Hood” prank spectrum that was covered over at The Smoking Section a little while back? I think the obvious difference is that dinosaurs are extinct and aren’t trying to sell guns to random people on the street. If they were, life would be a f*cking blood bath for everyone. The last thing we need is dinosaurs running around with automatic weapons and a hankering for street justice.

(Via AverageBroTV)